Soul Regression Specialist


Healing The Wounds of The Soul

My work can help bring some closure and clarity to these events and emotions. This work can also help provide a clear sense of direction and a purpose for life.

Contact: Shay Sisler

Cell: 702-610-5176



Customer Connection Strategist


Ivy Brooks is a Copywriter, Marketing Strategist, and Small Business Advisor. The use of language, technology, and the customer’s journey are 3 keys to increasing engagement, sales, and positive impact in people’s lives. Ivy specializes in strategizing an effective and manageable funnel, email marketing, content creation, and campaigns that may include influencer marketing, brand collaboration, or public relations.

Contact: Ivy Brooks

Cell: 702-712-1712



Annie Emprima-Martin

Empowerment Start-Up Investor


Annie works almost exclusively with individuals who have a personal or professional calling or mission through her company, One Emprima. She coaches, mentors, and advises spiritually guided startup founders, business professionals, executives, and other individuals in the community to pull forward natural and spiritual gifts and true in her power so they can better serve the human population or human-based cause they are called to serve.

Contact: Annie Emprima-Martin

Cell: 702-427-0515