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Group Regression: Monthly: Join Shay & Claudia | QHHT Practitioners

These are very inspiring and powerful regression journeys of healing and exploration. We have different journeys every month. We journey and connect with Past Lives and Spirt Guides. Some regressions we will connect with your “Inner Child” or get information from the ancestors.

These group regressions can help you gain insights to improve your present life by discovering things from your past that are affecting your “NOW”

Space is limited

Special Channeling Event | Monthly On The 4th Tuesday

$20.00 to $30.00 Love donation is appreciated for this event. Tonight’s event will allow you to connect with your Higher Self and the Council Of Healers To ask questions. So bring a question or two and get some really amazing channeled information for your question and from the group.

Improve Your Physic Abilities: 2nd Friday of Every Month 6:00 pm

Join us as we go through many exercises and practices as we prepare to increase our physic awareness and unleash our natural abilities. This is going to be an amazing evening. I hope you will join us. We are all physic to some degree. This is a natural ability we all poses but by the age of 7 most of us have been forced to push this ability into the background as we become conditioned to live in this 3D reality.

Shadow Work Mastermind: 4th Saturday of Every Month 3:00pm

Have you ever wondered why there are parts of you that do not support your goals?
• Have you ever felt sabotaged by a part of you?
• Do you behave completely differently in one scenario than you do in another?
• Have you ever said: I don’t know where that came from, that is not me!
• Have you ever found your self split and not able to make a decision because a part of you does not want to do “it” or “go” or you can’t make a decision because they feel torn?