Las Vegas Nevada
October, 14th 15th & 16th, 2022

Learn This Amazing New Modality

Upcoming Events

Book Club Discussion: Weekly, Wednesdays 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Ask and It Is Given is certainly a book about our ”asking” being answered by all-that-is. But it’s primarily about how whatever we’re asking for is being given to us – and it’s also the first book to ever, in such clear terminology, give us the simple practical formula for how to ask for, and then how to receive, whatever we want to be, do, or have.

New Moon Ceremonies For 2022: 7:00pm
April 30th, May 30th, June 28th, July 28th, August 27th, September 25th, October 25th, November 23rd, December 23rd

The New Moon is special, the night becomes a thick shadow without the moon’s mystical gleam, but the stars pop through the darkness much brighter. There’s something calm about this time, something renewing, as though nothing is expected from you and you’re allowed to simply… be. There’s a reason behind that tranquility and the spiritual meaning of a new moon is, in fact, just as important as that of the full moon.

Full Moon Ceremonies For 2022: 7:00 pm.
May 16th, June 14th, July 13th, August 11th, September 10th, October 9th, November 8th, December 7th

Take time to honor yourself by joining Sean, Todd and Laune. The full moon often casts an exuberant vibe, making it a great time to have a gathering. This also opens the door for meaningful people to step into your life. But keep in mind that it can be intense, too. 

Allow yourself to feel a direct relationship with the moon. Fill the earth under your feet and shake out the tension in your body.

Improve Your Physic Abilities: 2nd Friday of Every Month 6:00 pm

Join us as we go through many exercises and practices as we prepare to increase our physic awareness and unleash our natural abilities. This is going to be an amazing evening. I hope you will join us. We are all physic to some degree. This is a natural ability we all poses but by the age of 7 most of us have been forced to push this ability into the background as we become conditioned to live in this 3D reality.

Shadow Work Mastermind: Last Saturday of Every Month 3:00pm

Have you ever wondered why there are parts of you that do not support your goals?
• Have you ever felt sabotaged by a part of you?
• Do you behave completely differently in one scenario than you do in another?
• Have you ever said: I don’t know where that came from, that is not me!
• Have you ever found your self split and not able to make a decision because a part of you does not want to do “it” or “go” or you can’t make a decision because they feel torn?

Finances: It's Time To Manage Your Finances : Saturday August 20th, 2022 | 2:00pm

Please bring the following info (you don’t have to share this) – list down ALL your recurring monthly expenses – bills, rent, mortgage, etc.

ITEMIZE or list them ALL! – list down your monthly take home pay – list down all your assets and their balances – savings, checking, investments, retirement, house (value) – list down all your debts (credit card debts, mortgage balance, student loan debts) – list the balance, interest rate and term if applicable. –

5509 Ghost Rider, Las Vegas NV.

Pool Party Potluck: Get Out Of The Heat!!! September: TBD 1:00 to 09:00 pm

Let’s get together for some good food, all day swimming and fantastic company? Lisa and Ken are opening their home for us to gather and enjoy scrumptious delicacies as we enjoy great conversation, friendship and amazing food.

Please bring something to share with the group. We’d love to see you there!
1:00 Pool party starts
5:00 Potluck Begins